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McLaren Honda Leather.jpg

   'Art on Leather'

Copy of McLaren Honda_edited.jpg

' amazing form of car art with truly lifelike effects.'

Ferrari fine detai.jpg

What is 'Art on Leather' ?

This is an art form whereby the subject of the artwork is carved and modelled into cowhide leather and only then coloured with acrylic paints.


As can be seen in the image above the modelling of the leather means that the subject is raised off the surface (like a medallion) creating a greater sense of depth and a highly realistic 3D look to the work.


Besides the visual effect all the details of the subject can actually be touched and felt by the viewer thereby engaging an important second human sense.  

You are able to feel all the fine details such as, in the case of the McLaren Honda; the wheels, the steering arms - even the fine details of the braking system. 


It is this unusual and very specific aspect of each of my works which means that the pleasure obtained by the viewer from the work is substantially enhanced and in the process it becomes an interesting conversation piece.

For additional information on how these artworks are produced please visit the 'The Production Process page

'Alan’s classic car art is visually and tactilely very unique - I just love how the cars pop off the leather - just amazing!'
FRANK KNIGHT,  Bryanston,  South Africa

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