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The Artist

Welcome to my website and I trust that you will enjoy the artwork on these pages which I produce in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I have been producing a variety of leather oriented projects for over thirty years but the production of Art on Leather  pictorials became a special interest of mine about twelve years ago when I retired from the business world.

About four years ago I received a request to re-produce a Lamborghini automobile for a client's 'man cave' as a gift from his wife. This being my first commission to reproduce a car it turned out to be a very challenging project due to the enormous amount of fine detailing which was of a totally different character to the detail required for a wild animal.


In addition the super smooth painting effects necessary for an automobile were totally different to wildlife effects and this requirement meant that a complete new skill set had to be developed.


However the work was very enthusiastically received by the client, in large part due to the modelling of the leather enabling the client to touch and feel all the various parts of the car.


This led to further commissions and to date I have produced over sixty art works of every type of vehicle imaginable including works of Historical, Classic, Supercar, Formula One and "Standard" automobiles - mostly on a commission basis. 


As far as I am aware, I am the only artist producing works of art on leather in South Africa - and in fact, there are only a very few practitioners of the art form in the global art world.


So what started as a hobby has now become a full-time profession and clients include leading corporations in their respective fields such as the BMW Group, Mercedes Benz, TOYOTA, AUDI, S A Breweries, Old Mutual Insurance, WesBank Vehicle Finance, PPC Cement and Londolozi Private Game Reserve.


International clients include AIRBUS (their Africa office and their head office in France), TOYOTA Gazoo Racing  and one of the largest multi-national corporations in Nigeria - the BUA Group. 


My major objective is to produce a wide variety of collectable quality, fine Art on Leather  works for the discerning admirer looking for auto art or, for example, a special gift that you would not be able to source in a shopping centre, or indeed Amazon. 


Should you wish to engage my services to produce a bespoke commission, my guarantee to you is that the work will reflect the highest degree of expertise and attention to detail that is possible.


The collectable Art on Leather works from my studio - as seen in the Sold Artwork and the Artwork for Sale  pages - are either my own creations or they are individual custom auto-paintings which have been commissioned by clients to their specific requirements. 


Please Contact me for the availability and prices of current works, to discuss a commission or to arrange a visit to my studio in Northcliff, Johannesburg.



Alan Dent artist signature on leather
Alan Dent Classic car artist producing unique automotive art

 A selection of images from my pre-automobile art career. 

Please click to view.

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