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One of the most  satisfying aspects of the artworks I produce is the feedback I receive from clients, viewers of the art works and especially the recipients of the works as gifts.

Listed below are examples of these comments.

'Someone who has a unique artistic talent - and I mean truly unique, is Alan Dent.  With his specialized art style he virtually brings a motor car to life.

You can actually see, feel and touch all the features of the car due to the modelling of the leather.  When you actually see some of his works of art you will simply be blown away.

At the 2018 Concours South Africa event, Rory Byrne, the famous South African designer of Ferrari  Formula 1 cars was in attendance to present Alan’s finished work of a Ferrari F40 to the previous year's winning entrant. 

Rory stood there absolutely amazed when seeing the work and just said: “Now that is perfection !”

At the request of the owner Rory signed the artwork. 


Roger McCleery, Legendary Motor Racing Commentator and Motoring Journalist of the Year

Ferrari F40 commission for Concours SA
Alan Dent artwork presented by Rory Byrne of F1 designer fame
Rory Byrne signed the artwork of the F40 by Alan Dent

Early in 2018 I attended a motoring art exhibition and was introduced to Alan Dent, who gave me a presentation of his particularly unique art form.

I was immediately intrigued by the fact that I could touch and feel all the parts of the BMW 635, which he had as a demonstration piece prior to it being painted.  I have seen many examples of automotive art over the years as an avid collector but nothing has caught my attention as this truly remarkable style.

We are looking forward to developing a long term relationship with Alan, as we feel that his unique art medium will significantly enhance the ambience we seek to create at the Concours SA events.'

Paul Kennard,  Chairman, Concours South Africa

The modelled leather of the BMW 635CSi
Alan Dent artwork of the BMW completed

"I must say I was totally delighted when I received  the finished art work of my Zakspeed Ford Escort.  Alan’s modelling of the cars detail into the leather combined with his use of light and shade gives a truly realistic look to the piece.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the work is that friends and relatives all enjoy the look and feel of the art and it always proves to be a stimulating conversation piece. 

I would highly recommend Alan to any car enthusiast who requires a bone fide art replica of their favourite automobile."

Lance Vogel,  Goodwood  ‘Festival of Speed’  participant, 2018.

Artwork of Lance Vogel's Zakspeed Escort

' I have been privileged enough to see one of your art pieces (the Ford GT  commission for WesBank Branch in Pretoria) and it is definitely a complete masterpiece and collector’s item.

I particularly liked the way you tooled the WesBank logo into the piece - very impressive !'

Michelle Davis,  Head of Marketing,  WesBank (South Africa's largest vehicle financing bank)

Artwork by Alan Dent commissioned by WesBank

"We own a number of Porsche motor cars and about three years ago we met Alan Dent and were introduced to his unique form of car art with truly lifelike effects.

It is clear that Alan expends a lot of effort to ensure that the art work is as realistic as possible - which we truly appreciate as our family is in the classic car restoration business.

Since meeting Alan we have acquired four of his marvellous artworks and recently came to an arrangement  with him to display some of his available pieces at our place of business - and they certainly attract a lot of attention and comment."

Youshaa Ebraheim,   Johannesburg

Artwork of Steve McQueens Porsche 911T

"I saw a presentation of Alan's artwork on the IGNITION TV Show and after meeting with Alan I commissioned an artwork of my newly acquired Jaguar E-pace. The work is now on display in the centre of my study. 


The work always catches the attention of visiting family and friends, with everyone commenting on the exceptional quality of the masterpiece and it has often turned into an excellent conversation piece".


Kobus Venter, Pretoria, South Africa

Artwork of the Jaguar E-Pace SUV commission
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